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All of our guests ride in comfort in our high ceiling, late model Vans. We have limited our seating capacity to 10 guests to ensure plenty of leg room and additional storage space in the rear of the vehicle to accommodate for walking assistance devices our guests might require.  That additional space also allows for luggage for custom overnight adventures and to bring home the precious memorabilia and souvenirs you might purchase on your tour!   

"Mayberry Blues"

Ronny Lee and Jolie Renee dreamed of combining their love of travel with their passion for music and art to create a one-of-a-kind intimate, tour experience in one of the most beautiful places on earth -- Arizona! ROJO Tours is the Love Child of their life’s work in the entertainment, travel and leisure industry.

Members of the Arizona Guides Association and certified Tour Directors, Ronny and Jolie have also performed for years as the musical duo “Mayberry Blues”ROJO Tours is unique in that it allows your guides to share their in-depth knowledge of the natural wonders of Arizona, local wine, art and their own special blend of classic rock, country and blues.  Listen, sing along or just “sip back”, relax and make some great memories!




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