Hops and Shops!

Brewery and Shopping Tour


The perfect pairing . . . .

  • Exploration of epic breweries, the art of beer making . . . then tasting it! 

  • Shopping in elite Scottsdale stores and finding the treasures you've been dreaming of! 


After a long day in a conference, convention or even on the golf course, it's time to recharge your batteries.  Whether searching for the ideal thirst quenching IPA or Ale or seeking out the latest in fashion, “Hops and Shops” can provide a respite from your day’s endeavors.

We will pick you up from your hotel, resort or another agreed upon meeting point in the Scottsdale, AZ area.  We will then escort you to several of Scottsdale's premier local breweries to learn about their beer making process.   Along the way we will provide "Hop-off" stops at a couple of Scottsdale’s most well-known locations for our shoppers including iconic Old Town Scottsdale.  Shoppers will be picked up following the Brewery Tour.  While the concept might be a little unusual, we think you'll agree that there's something here for everyone, the Beer Aficionado and the Fashion Seeker on our “Hops and Shops” tour!

Brewery Tour from $69

Add a Shopping Guest for $29!

Approximately 4 hrs.




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